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We have various Health Insurance  Products to Help meet your family's needs. We offer Market  Place (with premium assistance) and out of Market Place Health Insurance

Blue Shield: Get a quote and apply online Find a Medical, Dental, and/or Vision plan that fits your needs

Savings Plans: Discounts on dental, vision and more! Careington offers a variety of savings plans to help you and your family get high-quality health and wellness services at an affordable price. Get a Quote

TEN99 is a National Association open to independent contractors who are looking to have similar discounts, options and healthcare benefits as those available to their peers who are employed in more traditional W2 jobs.  Many of the options, such as affordable healthcare plans, previously have been almost exclusively available only to traditional W2 employees. Join Today 

Kaiser Permanente: Individual & Family & Family Plans: Get a Quote

Anthem Blue Cross: Individual & Family Health Insurance, Small Group Insurance, Medi-care plans. Get a Quote

American Workers Insurance Services: A Licensed Insurance Agency Providing Group Health, Dental, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance & Discount Benefits to Association Members! All US Citizens & Legal Residents are Eligible to Join the Association. View Our Plans

Health Net: California Health Insurance Plan Quotes for Individuals and Families. Get a Quote

Travel Health Insurance: We offer a wide selection of travel health insurance plans that include coverage for hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and medical evacuation. Travel the world with confidence knowing that you have convenient access to our community of trusted English-speaking physicians in more than 180 countries. When you Get A Quote, you will see travel health insurance products for the brand available in your area.

Short Term Medical: Face the unpredictable moments in life with confidence. Get the temporary financial protection you need from unexpected medical bills and other health care expenses. Get a Quote

Fixed-indemnity insurance plans offer a cash benefit payout in case you suffer from specific illnesses. A fixed-indemnity insurance plan is a type of supplemental health plan that gives you a fixed cash benefit payout in case you experience specific illnesses or injuries covered by your policy. Get a Quote

Accident Insurance: This policy reimburses you up to your calendar year maximum (up to $15,000) for a covered accident. Covered expenses include hospital costs, surgical costs, x-rays, emergency room, physician, urgent care centers and more! This plan does not coordinate with any other insurance coverage. Benefits are paid regardless of those received from other health insurance policies! Get a Quote

Critical Illness Insurance: The Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump sum benefit upon initial diagnosis of a covered heart attack, stroke, or invasive cancer. This plan does not coordinate with any other insurance coverage. Benefits are paid regardless of those received from other health insurance policies! Get a Quote

Aliera Healthcare: Health sharing plans that provide you and your family the peace of mind needed: Today, most people get their health insurance through their work. But every year, more and people are choosing to shop in the private market for personal health insurance. For some individuals and families, there are key advantages to personal health insurance over employer health coverage—affordability, portability and customization. Whether you are a single individual, have a family, are self-employed, are a student, or are just looking for the best health plan for your unique needs, you should consider a plan from Aliera Healthcare. Apply Now

Short term medical (STM) plans offer a temporary solution when a life transition leaves you uninsured. Plans are available online and are active within 24 hours of applying. Short term medical coverage usually lasts for as few as 30 days and up to 364 days in some states. Shop short term health insurance 

Cancer Care Insurance: You never expect a life-threatening illness like cancer, heart attack or stroke. But if the unexpected happens, you want to be prepared. With Cancer and Heart/Stroke coverage, you’ll receive cash benefits upon your first diagnosis of a life-threatening cancer, heart attack or stroke,¹ allowing you to get the care you need and pay your expenses. Get a Quote

Balance: When an accident or serious illness occurs, it could take more than a physical and emotional toll on you; it may also impact your finances. Critical Illness and accident insurance can help you manage that financial burden so you can focus on your health. With Balance, you have access to bundled insurance benefits, which include: Critical illness insurance - Accident medical expense insurance - Accident hospital confinement insurance - Accident disability income insurance. Get a Quote

​Critical Care Coverage Economical, easy, enrollment-friendly gap insurance: Even with an Obamacare health insurance plan, the financial impact of an accident or serious illness can strain your budget. Critical Care Coverage provides payments, made directly to you, when a covered critical illness or accident occurs. Get a quote

Telemedicine: Quality, convenient and cost-effective healthcare at your fingertips. Telemedicine offers three great benefits including access to a licensed physician 24/7 through Teladoc, advocacy and support for high-dollar claims through Athos and exclusive discounts on hearing services through American Hearing Benefits. 

Shop telemedicine.

Rx Pay Card: Accepted at over 55,000 pharmacies throughout the United States, the Rx Pay Card network includes pharmacy chains as well as thousands of independent pharmacies throughout the country. Shop online

Supplemental Hospital Insurance: A trip to the hospital can be stressful enough without the added expense that may come with it. Supplemental Hospital Insurance provides fixed benefits for out-of-pocket costs as a result of a covered hospital stay or surgery, up to the selected maximum amount. With two easy-to-understand options and an additional buy-up offered, the Supplemental Hospital Insurance provides flexibility for both needs and budget. Shop Supplemental Plans for Individuals​​