Creating Income Streams for Life



Wealth Building Strategies: The online and traditional media outlets are not shy about giving advice around the latest and greatest Wealth Building Strategies. We believe in keeping it simple, by sharing the money secrets of the wealthy with Middle America to change the way families plan for the future. These models are necessary to aid you in meeting your retirement goals and objectives. We simply educate our clients on the devastation of taxes and market loss to a lifetime portfolio and what can be done to safeguard it. Protecting your family’s money in strategies built for safety with potentially significant returns. Request a Financial Review

Creating Lifetime Income Streams: With 77 million Baby boomers in America and 11,000 of them retiring every day, retirement products and solutions available in the U.S. have changed to meet the needs of those and generations to come. With the looming possibilities of Social Security depleting the level of confidence for retirees at best is lacking. Over 60% of baby boomers are more fearful of outliving their money than of dying. We know that these people didn’t plan to fail financially, they just didn’t plan not to. Our mission is helping you navigate the financial messages in the market place and derive a plan that delivers peace of mind. Confidence in knowing you will never out live your money or be a burden to your children. This is accomplished with highly unique products which can offer a Lifetime Income stream.

Tax Free Retirement: National debt in the U.S. is nearly ($18 Trillion) and taxes are at the 3rd lowest since the great depression. There is a high probability of tax increases in the future.  Our representatives will help you understand the tax ramifications on a tax-deferred portfolio and the potential hazards it can bring your family. Americans are living longer than ever and must understand the difference in a tax-free strategy vs. a tax deferred strategy. Tobias Financial Solutions provides a clear understanding on the effects of Tax deferred vehicles and illustrates the value a tax advantaged strategy can bring to your portfolio.

College Planning:  As parents, we all want something more for our children. We want them to have all necessary resources available to them to begin their lives on a solid educational foundation. We will stop at nothing to make sure they have every opportunity for available. A College education is one of those opportunities that requires a lifetime of planning and budgeting.  If done properly, this milestone can be achieved without leaving them a heavy financial burden. The average college graduate is entering the working world with debt in excess of $29,000. We work with Clients and their children to plan for the expense of college without the heavy financial strain while providing other long term benefits.

End of Life Planning: Planning your funeral can seem overwhelming. Dignity Planning® has attempted to make the process as easy to complete and understand as possible. Planning your final wishes is a very important and sensitive step towards relieving your loved ones of the burden of having to guess what you may have wanted. You may have questions throughout the process. That is why we have customer service representatives available to walk you through the process step by step and answer any questions you may have. Click here to sign up or get more information Make sure to use Agent Code: UHL8891 when completing your information.

Mortgage Protection: While most mortgage protection insurance policies today are similar to term life policies because the death benefit could be used to pay the mortgage, funeral expenses, education costs or anything else, you can purchase larger amounts of life insurance to accomplish the same goal without losing the benefits you purchase after you pay off your mortgage.

Discount Vision & Dental Plans: Savings Plans are easy to use: Take a look at the savings plans offered below and choose the one that is right for you and your family! This is not insurance. These are savings plans designed to fit your needs and budget. With savings plans, there is no waiting or limits on use. Once you receive your membership card, simply present it to a participating provider and pay the discounted rate at the time of service. It's that easy! Click here for more information

Life Settlements: A Life Settlement is a cash settlement obtained through the sale of your existing life insurance policy. If you are elderly or living with a life threatening illness such as cancer the funds from a life settlement can help ease the stress and anxiety that inevitably comes with diagnosis and receiving quality healthcare. A life settlement can also help reduce the stress of a financial setback and give you hope for a better tomorrow. This simple process starts with finding out exactly what your life insurance is really worth to you now … when you need it the most. Click here to request a no obligation consultation

Debt Reduction Strategies: Gone are the days of wondering what the best route is to get ahead financially! Now, you simply decide where you want to go financially, and The Money Max™ Account guides you on the quickest, most effective path to get there: Click Here for more information

Your Financial Strategy: Moving from the wrong side of zero and into a positive financial future might feel impossible, but it’s not. Our strategies are tailored specifically to each of our clients, which can be easily implemented more than they thought possible with how we structure and protect assets via our unique menu of copyrighted Spendthrift Trusts.  Our financial instruments are tools which will give you the utmost in financial security in all your professional and/or personal financial areas which are the most vulnerable. Get More Information

iBennie Discount Program: We are excited to partner with iBennie and provide you with the most comprehensive discount program around. You will be able to save on everything from food and entertainment, event tickets and travel.